rocket-flare asked: I literally just went through all 29 pages on your blog and I am in love with EVERYTHING you have created. You are absolutely flawless and I LOVE your work!!! ^-^

…Oh my god…Thank you (mm)

07-24 / 9:57 / 반응 5개


저 에피소드는 볼때마다 웃겨 죽겠다ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

ㄱ그린게 없다..

07-19 / 7:20 / 반응 235개

리메이크 귀엽게 된 카게츠 :3

07-13 / 5:32 / 반응 168개


Fantastic Plastic Machine - Slippin on Down

lyndsey1996 asked: oh gosh your art is darling and you seem so super duper sweet!!! c: im so glad i found your blog!

Thank you for find me..super duper sweet person 8//8

07-04 / 23:12 / 반응 2개

oc doodle ‘~’